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On Adoption of New Technologies

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Author Clay Shirky

Author Clay Shirky

Media theorist and technologist Clay Shirky states in his many works that the use of a new technology only gets interesting after the technology itself becomes “boring.”

Twitter_bird_logo_2012.svgRead that to mean ubiquitous. Often new tools are invented with a particular use in mind, but only become truly useful after its users begin to see the utility in it being used for purposes other than what they were originally intended. Look at Twitter. What was originally intended for short text blasts is now used to break news events and for audiences to give immediate feedback in real time to live television programs.

Even this trusty ‘Blog is doing duties it was not intended to perform. ‘Blogs were born out of people creating online diaries open for anyone to read. Soon after, coders created the ‘Blog platform software like WordPress and Blogger to make management of the online diaries automatic and easier for the blogger and the reader. Now, they have morphed into a powerful publishing platform. Simple blogs like mine are the norm, but blogging software is used to drive some of the worlds most robust online publications, including a large number of European newspapers and magazines.

While most of the members of the class reported being a late adopter — if not a laggard — that’s OK. The early adopters cast around and experiment with how a new technology can be used, but it’s only when the later adopters join the ranks of the users that a new technology gets interesting — and innovative.


Written by digitalanalogues

February 4, 2014 at 3:30 AM

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