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Focus Question for First Blog Post

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OK. It’s time to pose a question for you to respond to with you first ‘Blog posts. Now that you’ve had some time to consider the readings posted on Blackboard.


Photograph of Clay Shirky taken by Creative Commons chairman and MIT Media Laboratory director Joi Ito.

Clay Shirky’s chapters, It Takes A Village… and Sharing Anchors Community describes several events in which communities band together to make something happen. In this case, the things that make the banding together possible are the Internet and Internet-related tools, such as Flickr.

In the chapter called Communication Technologies, the authors look at some of the theoretical constructs used to describe people’s behavior in why they use the communication tools that they do.

For your ‘Blog post I want you to state which theory, (Uses and Gratifications; Media System Dependency; or Social Learning / Social Cognitive,) can be used to describe the motivations behind the people who participated in the group actions that Shirky talks about — the people who helped recover Ivanna’s cell phone and the people who contributed photos to the Coney Island Mermaid Parade on Flickr.

What theory or theories can you use to describe the motivations of those who participated in those group efforts? Use examples for the readings to back up your positions.

Write up your discussion and post it to your ‘Blog before the end of the day Friday. When you have it posted, send out a Tweet on Twitter announcing your post and summarizing your main points.

Then… over the weekend, take a look at the posts from your peers in the class. You can find their ‘Blogs from the Blogroll links on the right-hand side of my ‘Blog. As per the syllabus, comment on at least three postings from your peers. Support them, question them, take them to task (politely) and start a conversation.

I will do the same. As always, if you have questions, let me know. I’ll do my best to help you.


Written by digitalanalogues

June 5, 2013 at 4:17 PM

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