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WordPress and Twitter Setup

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I want to commend you all for your fine efforts to establish your WordPress ‘blogs and Twitter accounts.

I’ll cover the process for interacting with those tools in a bit more detail on Monday, but until then, I’d like you to practice posting a comment on the Week 2 readings on your blog before class. Take a look at the readings, paying special attention to the readings, “Historical Perspectives” and “Communication Technologies.”

While those are mainly technical readings, pay attention to what the authors say about patterns of adoption for new communication modes and technologies. What are the similarities and what are the differences in the ways society accepted, sought out and adopted the Internet and World Wide Web in comparison to previous technologies.

After you’ve created your post, announce your accomplishment via Twitter.

Also, I’d like you to engage another student’s perspective by commenting on their blog. You can find the links to everyone’s blog sites in my Blogroll on my right-hand side navigation column.

I’d like everyone to include links to everyone else’s blogs on their own blog sites. The easiest way is to create a category for the links called “Blogroll” and then designate them as such when you add the link to your own blog site’s list of links. Don’t worry; I’ll cover that Monday if anyone is confused by the process.


Written by digitalanalogues

January 27, 2012 at 5:34 PM

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